Meet The Team

The people coming together and driving forward the
Taringa Community Garden.

Seen us around?


I'm currently the president in the committee and have been involved in founding the garden since inception back in early 2019.

I'm passionate about the Taringa area, and about gardening. I grew up on a farm in Far North Queensland where it was normal to grow all your own produce, as well as share it with community and family.

Starting the garden is my way of bringing a bit of 'home' back to my new place of residence, and encourage others to centre sustainable farming practices in their own lives.


I'm currently the treasurer of the Garden. I got involved in around May 2019 and have been working with the team since then.

It has been a long journey to finding a suitable piece of land to establish the garden - I am keen to get growing!


Child Nurse and Secretary for the community garden.

What do you want to see in the garden?
To have access to a compost hub, to meet new people, to have the opportunity to do outside activities and learn new things.


IT/Physics student with a focus on education.

What got you involved with gardening originally?
Wanted to grow own produce and found urban gardening an exciting challenge.


Interest in being a part of the community and connecting with people.

What is your vision for the garden?
An enjoyable meeting place to learn new things about nature.