Compost Hub

As advised by Brisbane City Council following the February 2022 Flood Event, the Taringa Community Garden Compost Hub will remain closed until further notice.

The Taringa Community Garden is a participant in the Brisbane City Council Community Composting Hub program.

Food waste is a big part of what goes into Brisbane’s bins. Composting helps to reduce the amount of organic waste we send to landfill. It is also an easy way to build an understanding of where our food comes from. It also shows how valuable our kitchen scraps can be in creating nutritious soil for our garden.

All residents are encouraged to contribute their kitchen scraps to our garden compost bins by simply following the directions of signs onsite. For more information on composting, keep an eye on our events page [insert link] for our free compost training.

If you would like to participate in the compost hub, simply register online here.

Note: Registered participants can obtain a free kitchen caddy from their local ward office. The caddy will help them collect and transport scraps to their local composting hub.