Current Events

Gardening Bees

Every Sunday Morning

Join us down at the garden every Sunday morning (from 6am in Summer and 7am in Winter) for our weekly gardening bee.

Turn some compost, do some planting and meet some likeminded gardeners! All are welcome!

Don't forget to bring a hat, sunscreen, closed in shoes and water.

Past Events

TCG Turns 2

14 August 2022, 4pm

Help us celebrate our second birthday in the garden. Starting a 4pm, we will share a potluck picnic surrounded by fairy lights, play outdoor games and enjoy how far the garden has come. All are very welcome!

Edible Gardening Workshop

18 June 2022

Join us for an Edible Gardening Workshop on Sunday 19 June being jointly hosted by the Taringa Community Garden and Brisbane Edible Gardening!

Learn about a wide range of edible plants and how to care for them in the Brisbane climate with our guest presenter, Dr Ketah Silvester.

Best of all, finish the morning gardening with a cup of tea with neighbours!

Christmas Fair

8 December 2021

Come join us for a fantastic evening fair at the garden! Celebrating the holiday season and another wonderful year for the Taringa Community Garden and the local communities.

We have a wonderful evening planned for everyone!

Community Garden and Compost Hub Launch

21 March 2021

Join us from 8am on Sunday 21 March 2021 for our official garden and compost hub launch.

Food and drink, composting workshops, kids activities, plant stalls, free kitchen caddies and much more will be available on the day.

Neighbour Day

28 March 2021

Neighbour Day 2021 falls on the 28th of March, the last Sunday of the month. As always on a Sunday morning, we will be hosting a Gardening Bee from 6-8am, and afterwards we’ll provide some tea and biscuits for everyone to hang around and have a morning chat. If you have been wanting to meet a fellow Taringa neighbour, or find a reason to get out of bed early, this is the perfect day to do it!